The Rock Racing Endurance 2 Men has centrally sewn inserts and is made with a generation of high density foams. Its special shape offers the absolute best protection and fit differentiating it from the Endurance Men. The X-Tract fabric has a double layer structure which helps collect and expel moisture. The perforated base layer provides increased breathability and quick dry. Endurance 2 Men is best for long rides.

To ensure you and our business partners are happy and satisfied, everything we do is validated by the finest internationally recognised quality guarantees. We started with the ISO 9001, which recognises our 100% Made in Italy production process. Next we met the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® that guarantees the non-toxicity of our raw materials, and then we obtained BLUESIGN® certification for our sustainable textile manufacturing methods.


We use open-cell polyurethane foams for our pads. Open-cell foams allow the air to pass freely between the cells and sweat is absorbed and wicked away more quickly. When the air flows freely, the skin breathes more easily and stays drier; this means enhanced comfort, less sweat and fewer rashes.


Each cycling discipline has its own unique demands. This is our main focus when designing our pads so we can incorporate the best possible protection based on how much time you spend in the saddle. We identified exclusive quality parameters for our fabrics, and did exactly the same for our foams.These are the criteria used by the ROCK RACING when choosing the right materials for each product.
During the selection process, we only choose foams that are highly breathable and incredibly flexible with the right density and optimum elastic memory.If you want a premium quality cycling pad, these are the qualities you need. Combine these with Elastic Interface® know-how and you’ve got unrivalled protection and freedom of movement.

The new frontier in comfort and performance.

This is why we have recently introduced a new high-performance material called the Hybrid Cell System (HCS) that gives the most demanding cyclists and endurance riders from road and off-road disciplines exactly what they need.
The new Hybrid Cell System is an Elastic Interface® exclusive featuring a mixed-cell structure that delivers unprecedented elastic recovery.
With its 200 kg/m³ ultra-density design, the Hybrid Cell System takes pads to a whole new level of innovation. This enabled us to create padding that is significantly thinner and lighter than gel, and also radically more breathable and resistant to wear and tear. The Hybrid Cell System, your guarantee for absolute comfort even in extreme situations like ultracycling.


Foam density is not measured by weight; it is a measurement of mass per unit volume and we use kilograms divided by cubic metres (kg/m3). Our pad density ranges from 40 kg/m3 up to 200 kg/m3 in the Hybrid Cell System.
Tasked with choosing the right combination for each pad, our research and development team analyses the qualities of the foams and creates the perfect mix for every product.
We choose lower densities foams for shorter distances requiring intense exertion, and increase the pad density for long-distance disciplines as riders need maximum protection guaranteed when spending so many hours in the saddle.